The Blue Willow Solution

Statistics confirm that falls are the leading cause of injuries and hospitalizations for seniors over 65 years of age. We have created a solution to help care home operators provide a real-time monitoring system that automatically detects falls and wandering.

Blue Willow is an IoT based health monitoring company, providing an integrated platform for senior safety. All the advantages you need, through an easily implemented solution that works across your entire organization.

Our innovative, cost-effective system provides significant benefits to meet all the challenges of helping seniors to stay independent.

The Blue System: Automatic Fall Detection. Real time Location. Notifications to the right caregivers at the right time.

Blue Willow for Seniors

Senior Care

Seniors suffer from two major problems – falls and wandering. The current system of helping them is a string on the wall or a passive life-line wearable device. If your resident is unconscious or unable to reach that string or activate a button, they may be without help for an extended period of time.

Solution: The comfortable, light weight blue band provides:

  • Residents and families with peace of mind
  • Prolongs senior independence
  • Immediate and automatic fall alerts
  • Wander alerts
  • 24/7 private monitoring
  • Proactive care for seniors


Caregivers face increasing resident-to-caregiver ratios, leading to overwork. They are constantly moving from room to room to check on residents. When a senior falls or wanders, they may be without help for several, critical hours, until a caregiver performs a scheduled check. Staff members may also be at risk if they are left to deal with an emergency without other caregivers to assist.

Solution: Wearables for both staff and residents provide:

  • Improved work environments for care givers
  • Easy to use monitoring and reporting
  • Improved staff rotation efficiency
  • Decreased staff stress
  • Increased staff safety
  • Proximity alerts - to care staff and other residents
  • Better care compliance monitoring
Care Provider Benefits by Blue Willow Systems


Operators of senior care facilities must monitor and manage caregiver staff to ensure quality care for their residents. Reporting requirements for state compliance can be burdensome. High caregiver turnover due to heavy workload can impact care.

Solution: By using wearables enhanced with sophisticated deep-learning algorithms and a Cloud back-end, the Blue Willow Blue System provides:

  • Better risk management
  • Care plan compliance
  • Workflow automation for event management
  • Staffing management and reduced overtime
  • Increased ROI
Critical Care by Blue Willow Systems

Confident Care is Critical

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