Benefits to Care Giving Staff

Care giving staff will appreciate the BWS Blue System because it makes the the work environment safer and more efficient, allowing staff to spend valuable time on building relationships with residents and provide old-fashioned care.

Real-time support & safety for care giving staff

Caregivers work on a rotating schedule for room checks and medical assistance to residents. However, this type of system does not always allow for the best response time to an emergency situation. The BWS Blue System provides in-hand, mobile, real time support for all care giving staff. This ensures efficient utilization of resources during a shift, eliminating burn-out and stress and promotes higher staff retention rates. Blue Band provides a level of safety to each staff member with easy to read visuals to help locate residents and other staff, allow for immediate alerts and action, and allowing for more efficient incident reporting.

Simplified Reporting Processes

Ensuring accurate reporting is a vital but time consuming activity in the world of senior care.

The fully-integrated Blue System helps simplify the reporting process for any medical or memory care issues. Dashboards, and easy to read reporting modules are easily accessed on mobile or computer devices. Care giving staff will appreciate the extra time gained to spend with senior residents instead of filing cumbersome compliance reports.

Blue Willow - Simplified Reporting
Critical care for seniors by Blue Willow Systems

Confident Care is Critical

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