Benefits to Operators

When seniors are provided with the Blue Band wearable device enhanced with sophisticated deep-learning algorithms and a cloud backend, the BWS Blue System will automatically detect falls, track residents for location within a care home and track vital signs and activity.

Cloud based mobile safety platform

Cloud based mobile safety platform

Confident care is critical. A fast response time to any given physical or memory incident can significantly change the outcome for a resident in terms of long-term recovery, mobility and quality of life. The integrated system records caregiver response time and automatically populates incident and state compliance reports. The Blue Willow monitoring system will help care home operators with workflow and reporting automation that will reduce time during critical events. By using the Blue System, operators can increase the efficiency of their workforce.

Better Risk Management

The sophisticated BWS Blue system is compatible with electronic health records. This SaaS platform calculates real-time activity, aggregates the events, interprets and analyzes data providing sophisticated data. Allowing operators with tools to deliver better senior care, reduce overhead and manage cost per residents better. Efficient and timely care management may also decrease insurance and litigation expenses.

Blue Willow Systems - cloud based SaaS plaftorm

Confident Care is Critical

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