Benefits to Residents & Families

As a senior you deserve to maintain a quality of life that includes independence, socialization and mobility. More and more seniors are moving into assisted living facilities and care homes. You and your family will want to ensure you are being taken care of in a safe, comfortable environment. Three primary concerns of seniors and family members who consider assisted living are safety, independence and peace of mind. The BWS Blue System provides the confidence to ensure your safety and superior care as a resident.

How does the Blue Willow System work?

The best resident safety solution

You can be confident that when an incident occurs related to physical or memory challenges, staff will be alerted immediately in real-time. The Blue Cloud mobile app alerts the appropriate staff member to assist you, leading to immediate assessment and emergency care. With any medical emergency such as falls from stroke or heart-attack, the faster the response, the greater the outcome for a satisfactory recovery. The Blue Band is not a medical device. It's design is similar to other wearable fitness devices and it's flexible and comfortable to wear. This small but sophisticated system gives you the confidence to know there is a safety system in place. When you are comparing facilities for assisted living arrangements, choose one with a reputation for health monitoring success. Confident care is critical. Choose a facility with the Blue Willow System.

Critical care for seniors by Blue Willow Systems

Confident Care is Critical

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